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Kings Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and as such we are required to provide transparency around our pricing for legal services.

Wherever possible we will try and agree fixed fees with you at the outset. Typically on a conveyancing transaction the fees are fixed.  

Click here for our conveyancing fixed fee details.

Every legal case and transaction is different and so it is quite often not possible to agree fixed fees with you. If this is so then in such cases, we record all the time devoted to the matter. We then calculate our charges by applying hourly charge out rates to the actual time recorded. As things move forward, we will explain the issues relevant to your matter and keep you up to date on progress and cost.

Click here for details of our hourly rates.

VAT is charged on all our fees at 20%.

We highly recommend that you contact us for a full, detailed breakdown of fees related to your exact requirements before proceeding to instruction.


Any payments we need to make on your behalf to third parties are added to the fees we charge. These are known as Disbursements. VAT may or may not be charged on these depending on their nature.   

We are not permitted to profit from Disbursements and can only charge you what we are charged.

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